An inquiry, a dialogue, a statement.

An invitation to a colorful contradiction

A movement against the silencing that threatens to swallow us all whole:

“Hey brown girl why you so brown?

Why you so cold?

Why your hair look like that…smell like that?

Why you so smart? Don’t you know we don’t got room for half cullud girls

angry at the world?”

A response:

Im a force to be reckoned with…

Do you fear me?

You should…

I come from a historical tradition of bold women.

Bold not in that liberal, bourgeois, coffee table book listing ‘The Worlds top 100 influential Women’

kind of way.

Bold like a tornado ripping up the earth

these womens actions moved humanity forward.

Im the strength of revolutionary Portuguese women warriors

and the quiet determination of a slave woman’s hands before she

slits the throat of her master.

Im the rolling bass line in your waist

and the heat radiating from two lovers bodies.

Brown skin pressed up against each other as dub pulses from the


And I am first and foremost my mothers daughter.

Life is hard and a struggle

but can be thrilling

like kissing in the dark.

Im colored….but not tragically so.

Im a woman for the people and these are my thoughts.

Thoughts for destruction and liberation.


13 Comments on “About”

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautifully written…powerful words…i love it! ❤

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Utterly beautiful words. What an inspirational way to begin unfolding this day … thank you!

  3. i repost your segment on amilcar cabral on my blog, hope you dont mind. I love that piece. are you capeverdian by the way?

    • chakaZ says:

      Sorry for the long delay in this response…I am a quarter cape verdian. My mother’s family is from Cape Verde and the Azores. My father is Black. I embrace it all!

      Thank you for the cross post!

  4. edvintageshop.tumblr.com

  5. e says:

    Thank you for all of the energy and love you have put into this blog. I have learned so, so, so, much from you and as a fellow poc I just want to thank you.

    • chakaZ says:


      Your kind and generous comment warmed my heart. It is so important as people, especially womyn of color, to affirm and encourage each other to express our truths. We are not taught to trust and value ourselves so we must do that work for each other.

      So thank you for the encouragement and the love..I am sending vibrations of gratitude your way.

      <3Chaka Z

  6. M. Figg says:

    Hello, I am writing an article for my blog about Woody Walder, and was wondering if I could use the terrific photo of him playing clarinet that you have up on your blog? My apologies for contacting you via comment, I didn’t have another way to find you. Thanks for your time.

    • chakaZ says:

      Hello M. Figg,

      What a delightful surprise to hear that you are writing about my great uncle. I was wondering if I could get a bit more information about you and what the blog post will be about. You can email me at this address: fammead@gmail.com

      Thank you for reaching out 🙂

  7. […] – Artist’s Website – Original link […]

  8. Kei X says:

    Wow, I just realized whose blog this is today; I just thought “the author” is Oakland based when reading the post posted by bay area intifada! That’s mad tight! So much love and respect to you! 🙂 made my day, looking forward to in person convos!

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