A spell of love and healing for the full moon

Sacred Herbs blessed by myself. From left to right: mugwort, white sage, lavender

These are times of great shifts, emotionally and physically, which can take quite a toll on the spirit. I wanted to share a spell I crafted for a close friend to help ground them through times of uprooting. Surviving within this system is nearly impossible. We cannot forget who we are and where we came from.

Grounding/Healing Purpose

This is a healing spell, and for me healing means achieving or reconnecting with a sense of wholeness. When we are seeking healing, physically or spiritually, it is because there is some type of disconnection or rupture within our vital life energy that runs throughout our body and mind. For an example, when we break a bone we get a cast to mend it back to the skeleton so it will be a whole foundation again. When we feel depressed and emotionally broken we seek out therapists or self-medicate in order to feel whole or at least reclaim some kind of self-control. Capitalism keeps us in a constant state of disconnection; disconnection from ourselves and each other. The separation between the healing of the body and the healing of the mind reflects this disconnection. Therefore we must also strive to be in a constant state of healing in order to stay strong as a community so that we may achieve our revolutionary tasks of liberation and wholeness. Spiritual awakening and reconnection with our ancestors plays a role in struggle; our spiritual struggles within as well as against the system.

This is a healing spell birthed out of love, conceived under the rising sun, and to be completed under the illumination of the full moon. The sun represents vital life energy that keeps our bodies strong; solid foundations to house our spirits. Its light, reflected against the moon, grounds us in the present and now, while the moon draws us back into the past through connecting with our feelings. The moon radiates our emotional centers; the parts of ourselves that rest deep within. Together they represent our totality. Our origins and our present. The spirit, which helps us be self-actualizing people.

Mugwort, Lavender and Sage broken up in a mortar and pestle

Spell Materials

One gold pouch mixed with sacred herbs: Mugwort, sage and lavender. I broke the herbs up and mixed them using my mortar and pestle. After that I blessed them in ceremony, which involved the burning of sweet grass and cannabis, and prayer song of healing and love. When the ceremony is done I place the mixture in the pouch.

Purpose/Significance of Materials

Container: The gold pouch represents the ankh and the sun, which is sacred to our ancestors, because of its connection to life energy and overall health.

Sage: Offers protection. Helps clear the air and remove negativity. Brings clarity to our thoughts.

Mugwort: Also a cleanser and protector, it helps stimulate our creative center and flow of life energy. A strong healing herb that promotes vivid dreams and visions. It will nurture intuition and psychic abilities.

Lavender: Stimulates love and calm and brings peace and health.


Place the pouch of herbs under your pillow or near your bed to protect you from bad spirits and help conjure healing visions of transformation. Hold on to these visions until the full moon, where you will release them in ceremony into the universe to be manifested.

Sacred herb pouch and spell description

With love and magic

-Chaka Z



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