Introducing Dope Womyn MC MADlines

‘Where are our female MC’s?’ This is a phrase I continue to hear alongside reflections of how dope music was in the 1990’s, where legendary female MC’s, such as MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Bahamadia, Lauryn Hill, and so many more had their shine. It is not that they don’t exist, but they are nowhere to be found in the mainstream music world, where hip hop has plummeted in quality. Where we see oppressive bourgeois reflections of race, class and gender packaged nicely and flung back at us by some constructed performer, like Drake or Nikki Minaj. The music is void of substance or our realities, and that is exactly how the ruling class wants it. They are not going to throw money at a sister, who is spitting realness about her life; humanizing herself and her people. That is too threatening. We have to support ourselves and each other so that our art can get exposure and effect people’s consciousness. One female MC deserving of such exposure is MC MADlines, hailing from Seattle, but currently shaking things up here in Oakland. The first time I saw her perform was in her hometown of Seattle when I was visiting some comrades. She was performing as one half of the rap duo Canary Sing. Two fly MC’s with conscious, empowering, political lyrics, soulful vocals, over booty shaking beats. They also had mad free style skills. It was so inspiring for me to see two womyn of color doing their thing on stage with so much swag and fun. I immediately introduced myself after the performance and found out that MADlines was moving to Oakland the next day. We swapped contact info and a few weeks later were dancing in my Oakland living room together to Salt n Pepa at a party. I have had the pleasure to see MADlines perform numerous times here in the bay area, as well as at open mic/house parties I have organized with comrades in our art collective The Corner Collective. Her first solo single ‘Delirious Ways’ is featured below. The song demonstrates MADlines lyrical/vocal abilities in the way she delivers clever lyrics with dope rhythm. Some MC’s have excellent rhythm and flow, such as Biggie Smalls, but the content can be weak..or depressing in the case of Biggie. There are other MC’s, who have dope content, but boring beats and style. The highly skilled MC’s are the ones, who execute smart lyrical content in creative musical ways; the form and content package. Tupac had such talents, and so does MADlines. Her flow on the realities  and challenges of love over the jazzy instrumentation creates a chill track to bob your head to while walking down the street…And just in time for Valentines Day, where we are assaulted with fake, bourgeois, notions of love. Do your self a favor and check out this realness. The track is below and can also be found here:


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