Funky Cosmic Intelligent Beats

Art is incredibly important to the soul; it stimulates people; it is an outlet for survival in a capitalist world that robs us of our useful labor. Artists tend to reside deeply in their own minds, but when they branch out of their own world to create with other artists the results can be either brilliant or terrible. Luckily the poetic and soulful collaboration between Stonesthrow artists Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow on producer 2Tall’s album Beautiful Mindz is far from terrible. In the slew of garbage that marks a lot of the music of the 2000’s this album is one of the more important creations; offering an innovative experiment in form and content. The music offers a lot of soulful beats and instrumentation, and the vocals have a raw, freestyle vibe that is very signature of Perkins style. Supposedly they recorded all the vocals within one session, and Dj 2Tall went back and polished all the mixes resulting in this fresh, funky and political contribution to hip hop, art and our consciousness. Not only is it beautiful music to listen to, but the intelligence of the lyrics sends messages to the listeners to start thinking differently about the world around them. We are capable of much more than we think, and that positive message comes across very strongly throughout this work.

Under capitalism we are devalued as people; we don’t even know our own or each others worth. We are not taught how to love; how to value our own needs and communicate them in loving ways. Our emotional and physical health doesn’t matter under this system that materially and mentally forces us to be dependent on it, and pitted against each other. We are materially dependent on it as workers, who need paychecks to buy the basic necessities for survival. They make us mentally dependent through brainwashing  us to believe that we need them more than they need us. They convince us that it will be chaos if we didn’t have their way of governing and their police to ‘protect’ us. This privilege they have to control the structures of society (economy, government, education) as well as our minds has allowed them to maintain their power for so long. These oppressive conditions though also inspire resistance from the people. The recent economic crisis combined with the increased rates of state violence and murder recently has made the contradictions more clear to the people, and minds are waking up. The crisis has sparked struggle internationally, with general strikes and class struggle through out Europe and Asia; revolutions in Africa; Budget cut and Occupy Wall Street. These struggles around the world demonstrate ruptures in people’s consciousness, and a breaking free of the hegemony the system has on our thoughts and ways of understanding the world and ourselves. Any kind of questioning of the system by the people is important, because it creates openings to build off of; we must nurture the revolutionary consciousness of the people when it starts to creep out. So, how does this apply to this excellent collaboration between Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow? This song captures the revolutionary spirit of valuing our minds and how thoughts are just actions.


 “change up your whole way of thinking

women and children first….use those minds and there not just for thinkin

we need a little more action to start a reaction

which leads to revolution and that’s the revelation

straight from the station broadcasting out to you

a little love a little truth

every time Im in this mic booth

better yet a lot of truth

a better sense of you

look in the mirror there’s the proof

it’s you

better yet it’s us”

Everyone valuing themselves and their own minds; people becoming conscious  of how are consciousness inspires action. That’s what is necessary for struggle  to sharpen and generalize. This song conjures that inspiration proving to me  time and time again the value of art. The ways creation keeps you from dying inside; keeps you inspired and nurtured and opens up your mind. I love the simplicity and aesthetic of the video. It looks very 70’s with the film stock and lighting. The bright colors and lens flares creates this beautiful serene environment that matches the positive vibe of the song. I also like the constant moving footage throughout the city with the cool digital effects of yellow, orange and pink lines weaving in and out through the landscape, and the flowers and speakers sprouting up blaring the music and the message. It’s a cool representation of the music broadcasting out through the city spreading this message that we have to start thinking and acting differently. I appreciate the uniqueness of the video and the message; it is very artful and different then what is in the mainstream and that is the point. Listen and enjoy your beautiful mind ❤


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