Those special moments…

I love those reflective experiences when you are truly living in the moment. When your mind isn’t dwelling on things you need to do or frustrating shit that has already past. Where you are completely in the present…when you stop and notice these moments you share with others and how beautiful life really can be. Here is one that I want to share with you from the gloriously sunny saturday that just past. More memories to build upon!

Setting: It’s a sunny warm saturday down by Lake Merritt. Chaka and Crunch are lifted and laughing in the front seats of Chaka’s magical funky ride. They’re parked in front of a church with a 12 minute limit for parking. They both try to understand what the logic behind 12 minutes is. Chaka’s thought process is interrupted by the puzzled, but very focused, look on Crunch’s face, which leads to the humorous dialogue below.

Chaka: What are you looking at?

Crunch: Im just trying to figure out why this guy is white? (he points in front of him)

Chaka: What?! (she looks to the obviously ‘white’ looking guy standing where Crunch is pointing)

Crunch: When he was walking across the street with his motorcycle helmet on I thought he was black.

(contemplative silence…..then,)

Chaka: I could see how that would trip you out.

The End


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