Bonnie and Clyde kind of night

I am inspired by the atmosphere of a place. I like to spend a lot of time focused on the details. Paying attention to the lighting, the scent in the room, the music playing. Atmosphere and inspiration have a relationship in my life. Certain kinds of atmospheres and settings inspire me in all different kinds of ways, whether it be scenes in a movie or novel I have yet to create, or images for paintings. A room can make me want to produce something. And different kinds of art, such as movies and music, can inspire me to create a certain kind of atmosphere in my personal space that strengthens the creative vibe, which you need to be productive.

Tonight as I was relaxing in my little creative cave I decided to set the mood with the eclectic and mildly misogynistic Serge Gainsbourg. I found myself falling back in love with his wonderfully odd ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ track, and Brigitte Bardot’s soft vocals. The song also made me think about the movie from the 1960’s about the famous lumpen  Bonnie and Clyde. As a kid I always liked the story of the outlaw couple. I had some level of class consciousness that made me untrusting of banks and other sources of profit, and generally supportive of people trying to pull one over on the system. I am not endorsing folks to go out and rob banks or anything, but I never condemned them for doing so. I love the aesthetic of the film Bonnie and Clyde. It is very inspiring to me. I love the colors and lighting, and the fashion was very influential too, especially Bonnie’s pencil skirts, berets and scarves. I always had a secret crush on Faye Dunaway; I thought she was so beautiful and powerful. Although her look still corresponds to dominant beauty standards of being thin and blonde, I always thought she had a very unique and strong face that I find very attractive. Listening to Gainsbourg tonight inspired me to look at old stills from the film so I decided to share the song and these delightful photographs. Enjoy!


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