Sarah Baartman

Dark skin
wide hips and lips and
large behind.
This is my body but my body ain’t mine.
Stolen from Africa and put on a show
body parts commodified for that money flow.
Landed in the South to build that Amerikkkan dream.
Bred, raped and beaten for that dirty green.
You see as a black woman in this country
my sexuality has never been just for me.
First forced to reproduce to keep the slave population strong.
Then sterilized and told having children was wrong.
My hips and lips don’t belong to me
my thighs, breasts, punannay don’t belong to me
Im unfeeling, a robot
some say un-rapeable, you see.
Hoodrat, jezebel, hoe is my legacy.
Because living in this world ain’t nice to colored girls
trying to get free.


One Comment on “Sarah Baartman”

  1. Rodak says:

    Powerful and disturbing.

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