Beat of the Week: Pete Rock and Roy Ayers

My love of soul and Jazz and the 1970’s has always influenced the hip hop I listen too. Obviously jazz, funk and soul are the roots of hip hop, but some djs tend to use them more as a sample source then others; Pete Rock is a perfect example with his frequent use of obscure jazz samples. Pete Rock and CL Smooth are a classic hip hop combo that represents that jazzy 1990’s sound that I love, and will continue to bump at parties today. Their third and final single was a song about relationships called Searching; its a good song in and of itself, but it’s title and sample are from the classic song Searching by funk, soul, Jazz composer Roy Ayers. Ayers began his career as a jazz musician, but by the 1970s began to move over to Jazz-funk and later R&B. He got critical success for composing the soundtrack to blaxploitation film Coffy, starring Pam Grier. Another favorite of mine and sample source for Mary J. Blige’s My life is the classic Everybody Loves the Sunshine. I love creating a certain vibe wherever I am; whether it be kickin it by myself painting, kickin it with people at a party, making out with someone on my couch, I want their to be a chillin vibe always. These 2 songs create that soulful people vibe. Check it out!



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