Hello Hello!

Im new to the blogging thing, and have had a somewhat hostile or at least cynical attitude toward it (some of this based around my luddite tendencies),  but have recently become intrigued by the idea of having one so BAM here it is!

Welcome to my brain…it’s focus resides around politics and culture…the unity of my being. Here you will find raw writings, beats, political musings, the funk, textiles, poetry, the marxism, art,  feminism, and that sweet soul.

Please accompany me on this journey as I learn to navigate basic web design, and open myself up to the vast network of the internets, a process that both excites and scares me.

There will be a lot of home truths along the way, some more digestible than others. But what I am constantly reminded of is that even though life is painful and can be quite disappointing there is always the fun of sheer human experience and interaction like kissing in the dark….




9 Comments on “Hello Hello!”

  1. the fish says:

    Yeeeeeeah looks good!

  2. crunch_author says:

    “like kissing in the dark” ooooooo I’m excited.

  3. Craig says:

    Good luck and have fun with your blog!

  4. Jen says:

    I’m blogrolling you on the strength of marxism and J Dilla, hope you don’t mind.

  5. LBoogie says:

    “…and the quiet determination of a slave woman’s hands before she slits the throat of her master.”

    Word. The blog looks dope!

  6. hojindetroit says:

    hey this is jm, i am really excited to read your blog. the ABOUT is chilling and oh so enticing:)

  7. kloncke says:

    Yes! Looks beautiful already. Thank you for welcoming us into your head/heartspace.

  8. chakaZ says:

    Lauren, Klonke, JM…so nice to have such lovely, strong, inspring bold women checkin out my stuff. Womyn like you keep me going 🙂

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